Preparatory Section Machinery


Das Industries

Pelleting Machines:

Pelleting machines are used to make pelletes from Rice bran. This helps in smooth extraction of the oil from the rice bran.

Das Industries

Rotary Shaker:

Rotary Shaker is used to remove the iron particles and any other foreign material and lumps from the raw material prior to feeding in the pelleting machine.

Das Industries

Drier Cooler Chains:

These are chains fitted with bush pin of EN-8 and are fully hardened to carry the material inside the drier cooler.

Das Industries

Bulk Flow Chains:

These are chains to carry the material in bulk or large quantities. The mild steel plates are welded on the flats to carry material smoothly from one end to another.

Das Industries

Redler Conveyor Chains:

These are L shaped flats connected together with EN-8 bush pins and are fully hardened for a longer lifetime. These are used to carry material from one end to another.