At Das industries we believe in innovation and how to automate the process so our clients have to use the least amount of labor and also reduce the time to process the material.

We build a variety of customized conveyors for the industries to better handle the material.

Das Industries

Belt Conveyor:

Belt conveyors are built using rubber belts and rollers. This can be used to transport any king of material from one place to another for the purpose of atomization and to reduce labor cost and time.

Das Industries

Redler Conveyor:

It is a chain conveyor to drag the material from one place to another. We build customized Redler conveyors using Mild steel or Stainless steel depending on the requirements of the clients.

Das Industries


This conveyor is used to lift the material to an elevation. The buckets are fitted on the chain to carry the material to required elevation. Depending on the requirements the Elevators are built using Mild steel or Stainless steel.

Das Industries

Screw Conveyor:

Screw conveyors are built using spiral mild or stainless steel sheets fitted on steel pipes. These are used to transport material at a small distance. This will hence improve the efficiency and reduce labor cost and time.

Das Industries

Bulk Flow Conveyors:

Bulk flow conveyors are used to carry material in large quantities. Depending on the requirements we build conveyors of required quantity flow and material.