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Welcome to Das Industries

The Company is professionally managed by Mr. Satish Marwaha (Chemical Engineer from Punjab University). He is been in the field of Engineering since 1975 and is a director in SAVI Engineers Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

Our Product Our products are also exported in other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Bangladesh etc.

We are also suppliers of various engineering products such as Conveyors, Chains, Condensors, Drier Cooler etc.

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Solvent Extraction Plant

The solvent extraction plants are used to extract oil from various oil seeds or from pre-pressed expeller cake.
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Oil Refining Plant

The equipments involved are Neutralizer, Bleacher, Deodorizer, Heat Exchanger, High& low vacuum equipment & Filters.
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Das Industries is a big supplier of various machineries used in Pharmaceutical industries.

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Cattle Feed Plant

Das Industries plants are simple and robust in design and perfect as far as quality is concern.

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Material Handling System

Provide equipments for the industries according to the suitability of the raw material.

We provide our products to our clinets in India and are also exported in other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Bangladesh etc.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world.

Our clients are :
M/s G.H. Agro Products (P) Ltd. Amritsar - 350 tons per day
M/s Sea Hawk Agro. (Aurangabad) - 300 tons Per day
M/s J.R. Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd., Dina nagar (Pb.) - 200 tons per day


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Yearly Investment

40% Complete (success)

Yearly Production

40% Complete (success)

Yearly Profit

40% Complete (success)

Spare Parts

Das industries is also a supplier of spare parts for the Solvent Extraction plants. We supply various different equipments for the solvent plants. Some of them include: Desolventiser Toasters, Condensers, Heaters, Drier Cooler.
At Das industries we believe in innovation and how to automate the process so our clients have to use the least amount of labor and also reduce the time to process the material. We build a variety of customized conveyors for the industries to better handle the material.
Pelleting Machines, Rotary Shaker, Drier Cooler Chains, Bulk Flow Chains, Redler Conveyor Chains.
Extractor Chain, Cadre Frames, Shaft Assembly Wheels, Perforated Sheets, Stainless Steel Mesh.