Das industries is also a supplier of spare parts for the Solvent Extraction plants. We supply various different equipments for the solvent plants. Some of them include:

Das Industries

Desolventiser Toasters:

The de-oiled meal coming from the extractor is being heated in the toaster to separate Hexane with the help of Jacket and open steel. We have a special feature where open steam is passed through the blades for the uniform heating of the meal.

Das Industries


The Hexane vapors coming from the distillation section and toaster section are cooled for recycling in the plant inside the condensers.

Das Industries


The Miscella is heated in the heaters to evaporate hexane with the help of steam.                         

Das Industries

Drier Cooler:

The raw material coming from the pelleting machine is heated with the help of radiator inside the drier cooler. This helps to evaporate excess moisture from the pellets/meal so that percolation in the extractor is smooth.